The Need

Oceans offer a rich natural product line to humanity. Since the dawn of history, the healing properties and nutritional benefits of the algae were used by emperors and kings to treat skin problems, burns and as a matter of nurturing. The algae provide essential proteins, bioactive peptides, enzymes, minerals, sulfated polysaccharides, fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and activities such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-aging, and other bioactive agents.

Seaweed offers considerable potential as a rich natural source of powerful materials and active constituents for a variety of industrial sectors, in particular in the field of cosmetics and skincare.


The world needs for a natural raw material that rich in useful medical properties lead Sealaria Ltd. to specialize in outdoor and a sustainable clean growth of macro red algae- Gracilaria spa. Many years of research and experiments, led to a revolutionary raw material that kept the values and synergy of the seaweed ingredients: Gelatinized red algae®, based on 100% red algae and medicinal plant extracts. Our technoalgae process is exceptional due to the growth control conditions and the process temperature that enables to preserve all vitamins and the essential components. The powerfully organic substance lies in the synergy between the aromatherapy compounds and Gelatinized red algae® technoalgae, which allows deep penetrating of vitamins and functional ingredients into the skin and the blood system.

Sealaria's solution

Keeping the marine actives synergistic, using sustainable techniques and low temperature processing. While the common practice is searching the single active, Sealaria philosophy is to benefit from the whole. Beyond any philosophy the technoalgae by Sealaria proves that the synergetic form of the final product is enhancing the formula. Proving higher efficacy, using Gelatinized red algae® as the base for formulas with beneficial plant extracts.​


Sealaria's unique production process is in line with the market and regulation's demands and assures customers of natural material from the sea and of high quality year-round. The Algae are grown in a farm located in Rosh Hanikra, northern Israel, exclusively for the company. 

Red algae Gracilaria is approved by the FDA as edible seaweed. Intake use is strict in relation to a variety of cosmetic applications.