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    Updated: December 2019

    The Need

    The industry of skin care is constantly searching for natural sources of functional and bioactive-rich compounds, preferably from sustainable raw materials, to deliver innovative products and solutions that meet consumers' expectations.


    Macro algae are an excellent example of a natural resource that can fit these requirements. The incorporation of macro algae-derived ingredients in cosmetics has been growing, as more and more scientific evidence reports their skin health-promoting effets.

    Sealaria's solution

    Sealaria's unique production process is in line with the market and regulation's demands and assures customers of natural material from the sea and of high quality year-round. The Algae are grown in a farm located in Rosh Hanikra, northern Israel, exclusively for the company. 


    The unique gelatinized algae preserves all active materials in their natural structure, keeps the synergy between ingredients and is suitable for use in skin care as well as food supplements markets.


    Red algae Gracilaria is approved by the FDA as edible seaweed. Intake use is strict in relation to a variety of cosmetic applications.