Our Story

Starting at the mid 90's, Arnon was appointed by Kibbutz Rosh Hanikra (Northern Israel) to manage the experimental seaweed farm. Back then, the project was financed by the Head Scientist of the Ministry of Commerce. The farm aimed the food markets and successfully supplied fresh Gracilaria and Ulva algae to supermarket chains.

It was obvious that Arnon, a senior therapist specialized in aromatherapy, will explore other markets than food. Many years of research and experiments, led to a revolutionary material that kept the values and synergy of the seaweed ingredients: Gracilaria Unique Technoalgae.

Sealaria preserves the synergy of sulfated polysaccharides with all the wealth that red algae can provide. Laboratory proved to be 10 times more efficient then the state-of-the-art algae extract. Sealaria is a magical base and active that enhances formulations.



Arnon Feldman


specialized in agriculture, graduate Rupin Collage. Engaged in aquaculture since 1998 in macro algae culture. Arnon is a senior  therapist and qualified in aromatherapy for over 20 years.

Noam Zeichner

BSC, graduate of Faculty of Agriculture Technion of Haifa and Ecology Studies Ben Gurion University branch. Noam specializes in aquaculture and innovative design for various habitat solutions.


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