Our Story

SEALARIA LTD is an innovative marine biotechnology company. Provides natural marine bioactive ingredients and performance materials solutions in the fields of health care and pharma industry.


Sealaria Ltd. established in 2015 by Mr. Noam Zeichner and Mr. Arnon Feldman. With more than 20 years' experience in aquaculture, our company devoted to the development of unique technoalgae based on marine red algae namely- Gelatinized red algae®.  


We specialize in developing & production Gelatinized red algae® based-formulations, mainly in the fields of health care and pharmaceutical applications


Growing our macro red algae at the nature reserve of the eastern Mediterranean coast, at detached, sustainable and eco-friendly ponds. We are using a proprietary method to generate a unique gelatinized product, which contains all bioactive and nutritional substances present in the original algae. The growing and the manufacturing process is standing underworld standard and quality assurance regulation ISO & GMP.

Our team

Noam Zeichner - CEO

BSc, a graduate of Faculty of Agriculture Technion of Haifa and Ecology Studies in Ben Gurion University branch. Noam specializes in aquaculture and innovative design for various habitat solutions.


Arnon Feldman – Farm manager

Specialized in agriculture, graduate Ruppin Collage. Engaged in aquaculture since 1998 in macroalgae culture. Arnon is a senior therapist and qualified in aromatherapy for over 20 years.


Sarah Kotowitz- Q.A & project manager 

BSc in marine science, graduate the faculty of Marine-Sciences. 

A native of Rosh Hanikra, Sarah was raised by the sea and was the company's natural choice for future leadership for the next generation of Sealaria.


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