Natural anti-viral actives

**Medical experts warn that the overuse of alcohol-based hand sanitizers damages the skin and raise the risk of infection**

V-SPRAY maintains your skin’s moisture and helps to protect it from a viral infection with plant-based ingredients.

Gelatinized red algae® TECHNOALGAE integrated with beneficial anti-viral desert plants extract, such as Mellissa and Artemisia, in your daily formula to support your body against virus agents.

Melissa and Artemisia are used in folk medicine for nervous complaints, lower abdominal disorders and more recently for treating virus agents.


·      Helps to enhance the anti-viral activity

·      Helps in regenerate skin tissue and wound healing.

·      Supports in relieving odors and infections.


The Anti-viral activity of the desert plants of this formula, grown at the Mediterranean region, are the subject matter of research published by the University of Ariel. These extracts perform on a wide range of viruses. The Virology research was conducted in collaboration with the University of Tel-Aviv.


Hadassah College University evaluated Protease inhibitors in red-algae produced by Sealaria at Rosh-Hanikra. These  are a class of antiviral drugs that prevent viral replication by selectively binding to viral proteases and blocking proteolytic cleavage of protein precursors that are necessary for the production of infectious viral particles.