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    Updated: December 2019


    Properties of gelatinized red algae

    Red Algae Gracilaria Conferta is native to the east Mediterranean and is rich in vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids & sulfated polysaccharide agar. Gracilaria dry matter has been used for medical purposes since ancient times.

    Sealaria's gelatinized red algae is unique thanks to the full utilization (100%) of the components of the seaweed. Keeping the natural structure of active ingredients, results in improved and empowered water soluion formulas. In fact, there are evidences that our ingredient dramatically reduces the need in other active ingredients.

    Algaia Analytical laboratory proved that Sealaria's product is superior  to the leading extract alternative (X10 reacher in essential amino acids).

    Red Algae Gracilaria Conferta
    Controlled growth conditions

    The gelatinization process requires extremely clean growth of red algae, possible only in detached culture.


    Controlled algae growth conditions allow sustainable availability, consistency and premium quality of the produce, while meeting the regulatory requirements over environmental protection.